Pro Soccer Trainer

COMPETITIVE EDGE - Imagine having an unfair competitive edge over every single soccer player on the field.  Training with the Pro Soccer Trainer, that dream is now your reality.  Master your craft today! 

MASTER BALL CONTROL - improve your ball control with a better technique.  Improve passing, dribbling and footwork skill.

NO MORE CHASING - with the extendable tethered bungee that extends up to 18ft, you no longer have to waste time and get annoyed by chasing down lost balls.  

PRO LEVEL PASSING - imagine having the passing skills of the pros.  It all starts with practicing technique with our pro soccer trainer.

ALL LEVELS - great for beginners all the way up to the pros.  Fit's ball size's Pee-Wee  (1), Junior (3), Youth (4) and Adult (5).  

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